“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” ― Jean Cocteau

Friday, 23 May 2014

Cats and Dogs Friendships Stories

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We’ve all heard the saying “fight like cats and dogs” but, very often, we find that friendships are forged across species. Many cats and dogs co-exist together happily in homes across the globe. Sometimes, their bond is stronger than we realize.

March 2013
Cole_cat storiesIn Wilton, CA, a fifteen-year-old cat named “Cole” alerted a couple that their home was burning down. The door to the man and woman’s bedroom was closed to keep two of the dogs out but the couple heard Cole howling and scratching at the door. They awoke and opened the door to find the house filled with smoke.

The couple headed out the back of the home to find windows exploding and flames leaping out from the house. Cole headed in the other direction. Once the couple was safely outside, they saw both dogs running from the house . . . with Cole right on their heels! He had gone to find the dogs and usher them to safety!

A lot of cats would have hunkered down in a corner and hid from the strangeness of the smell. But, luckily Cole reacted loudly enough to wake the couple up and give them enough time to escape before the house was engulfed in flames. The extra act of finding his canine friends just proves that Cole is a true hero in his own right!

April 2013
Izzy is a little terrier mix who owes her life to Sammy the cat. Though the two live together in their house in Ohio, Izzy and Sammy’s owner says it might be a “leap” to call them “friends”. Often, Izzy can be found hassling the cat when it seems that all Sammy wants is a nice quiet nap. But, Sammy showed that his feelings for his canine companion actually run pretty deep.

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon when Izzy wandered out of her yard for a little sight-seeing adventure. Unfortunately, the little terrier mix was attacked by a larger dog whose territory she wandered in to. The larger dog grabbed Izzy and shook her in its mouth, the sharp teeth puncturing her abdomen. That is when Sammy came running to the rescue!
Sammy put himself in front of the larger dog and puffed up and starting hissing. The big dog became distracted and dropped Izzy and went after the cat. At that point, the family was able to get Izzy to safety. Sammy got away be running up a tree. Ironically, Izzy often chases the cat but obviously Sammy felt some loyalty for his furry friend to place himself in danger of the bigger dog.

Izzy suffered a hernia, bruising and muscle trauma in addition to the punctured abdomen, but she is expected to make a full recovery. Thanks to Sammy’s life-saving efforts, Izzy will be able to chase and pester her for many more years to come!
Though some might fight like “cats and dogs” many more, it seems, only wish to be friends. We could all learn a thing or two from our pets.


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