“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” ― Jean Cocteau

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Black Cat Appreciation Day

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Yesterday on August 17 was Black Cat Appreciation Day. The holiday was created with the intention of eliminating any myths or prejudices black cats face. We have decided to spread the word about this wonderful day.

Black Cat Myths

There are many superstitions surrounding black cats and most of them are just ridiculous, as anybody with a pet black cat knows black cats bring lots of happiness and a feeling of being lucky to so many families. These beautiful animals play a big part in folklore and mythology for centuries, with many black cats being associated with witches and now these cats are even Halloween costumes and symbols. Of course, we can't forget the rumour that if a black cat crosses our path we get bad luck, but it is obviously all no true. These gorgeous cats can make an incredible addition to any home.


Ancient Egyptians used to worship all cats, so why are they now the brunt of superstitions and bad luck rumours? When the hysteria of witches hit Europe, many of the old ladies had companion cats (some things never change) and the cats were then deemed guilty of association. There was also a folklore in the 1560's which stated that a father and son  threw rocks at a black cat which later jumped into a house which was believed to be where a witch lived, the next day the alleged witch turned up with bruises and it was then believed witches could turn into black cats.

Photo: Jo-B/ PIxabay

Our Appreciation

To celebrate black cats (even though we may be a day late), we are going to show you some of the cutest black kitties who need homes. Perhaps you can share this around to anybody you know who may be looking for a new, cute and cuddly family member.
Just click on their names to be directed to the website where you can adopt or sponsor these amazing animals.

photo: By Chris Yarzab - Flickr: Odd Eyed Black Cat

  • Kenzo
    Kenzo is a gorgeous seven-year-old male who is completely safe with school children, other cats and even dogs.

  • Elsie
    Elsie is almost two years old and is just so adorable. She's domesticated and can live with school children. There's even a little video of her.

  • Poppy
    Poppy is a little bit older at the age of 14, and she really wants somebody to just lounge around with. She's a friendly cat who can live with children and cats.

  • Crisp
    Just look at him, he's gorgeous! He's four and so much fun, again he's friendly and comfortable living with cats and children and would make the perfect addition. Here's a little video of crisp:

  • Pepper 
    What a very fitting name for this dark-haired beauty. Pepper can live with children and cats, she's eleven years old and needs a new home!

  • Missandei
    We cannot get over her big eyes. At the age of one this young cat could be your new best friend. She can live with children of all ages, cats and dogs.There are hundreds of more cats looking for homes and you can find them all waiting for their new owner on the Blue Cross website. Whether you are looking for a Black Cat or not, always appreciate your little furry felines.



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