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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Cabinet Office set to appoint cat as Chief Mouser

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It has been reported that the Cabinet Office is set to adopt one lucky cat in an attempt to stop the mouse problem they have, it was also stated (lightheartedly) that the name of the cat would most likely be Cromwell. Cromwell the cat will have the serious responsibility of catching the mice for the Cabinet Office - becoming the fourth cat of Westminster.

Although it is yet to be confirmed it would be an adorable addition to the cats already appointed by Westminster such as Gladstone the cat and Larry the cat , Cromwell will gain the title of Chief Mouser for the Cabinet Office. The other Chief Mousers have done a great job at controlling the mouse problem.

On another note, there has been recent media attention involving Larry and Palmerston who have unfortunately been fighting a terrible amount since David Cameron's resignation. They have been having brutal fights and Larry was even seen to have a chunk of fur missing and needed to be seen by the vet for a sore paw.

Apparently, the fighting is a result of the changing environments unsettling them as changing a cat's routine or scenery can cause them to feel the need to reassert their territories which can obviously mean fighting other cats - especially new cats. Larry and Palmerston could also be fighting for attention from their owners and the new faces which will be wandering around their home. At one point police even had to step in and stop the fighting cats.

Fortunately, as every cat owner will probably have noticed. Cats usually form some kind of truce and decide to stay away from each other after a few weeks, so Larry and Palmerston should stop the conflict soon and keep their boundaries. If you're having similar fighting troubles with your cats , placing a cat bed on top of a wardrobe or somewhere else far away/ high up can help prevent more damage and fighting between the cats. The good news is that the Downing Street Cat War will soon be ending.

Both of the two cats were adopted from Battersea Dog and Cats home. Larry was given his lavish new home in 2011 and Palmerston was adopted earlier this year which would explain why the two cats are still not familiar with each other. Cats become stressed when forced to interact with unknown cats.

So far Gladstone is the Treasury Office's Chief Mouser, Larry is Number 10's Chief Mouser, Palmerstone is the Foreign Office's Chief Mouser and Cromwell will possibly be the Cabinet Office's Chief Mouser if he is hired. Of course, these very serious positions come with a lot of responsibility and paid heavily in kitty treats.

There has also been worry that Number 11's Philip Hammond will be moving his Welsh Terrier, Rex, into the house. Welsh Terriers have been known to chase cats (and any other prey), but there shouldn't be too much worry, as we've seen Larry and Palmerston can certainly put up a fight and the valued kitties can always count on the public and their owners to protect them.

The entrance to the Cabinet Office at 70 Whitehall, London, UK. From Wikimedia Commons




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