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Monday, 29 August 2016

Can you help 41 cats find a home?

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Laura Inglis took 41 cats from awful conditions in Spain and transported them all the way to Edinburgh, she now desperately needs a new home for them all. Would you be able to help?

 Laura Inglis lived in Spain for 8 years, whilst living there she rescued injured, sick and abandoned cats which were all living on the street.  She recently returned back to Scotland, but she just couldn't bring herself to leave the cats behind, after they had been through such traumatic events, also stating that they most likely would not survive if they were left.

Unfortunately, the current situation is not ideal as  she is now living in a two bedroom house, in the busy city centre next to busy roads with the 41 cats. This is not ideal for her or for the lovely cats who would be much better off with more room in a loving home which would be able to give them their full love and attention.

Another issue is that she needs to make sure they are ready and well to be adopted, this includes the trip to the vet which would de-worm, de-flea and perform various other tests to ensure they are fighting fit for their new owners. Each cat costs about £80 at the vet and so Laura has set up a JustGiving page to raise the necessary £3,300 for the cats.

Laura's Facebook post

10 of the cats are also still suffering from the abuse they endured in Spain and thus more treatment (and money) will be needed for those. When all the vet work is out of the way Laura can then focus on rehoming the kitties.

Laura already cashed out a huge sum of £8000 out of her own pocket just on transporting the 41 cats from Spain to Scotland, including expenses such as passports, microchipping and rabies jabs, and she also spends about £600 a month on cat food. She desperately needs the word to spread about her Justgiving page and attract potential adopters so that she can start to save up money and continue with a normal life.

Laura also admitted that she was worrying herself sick thinking about how she would afford to transport all the cats from Spain to Edinburgh, all the quotes she was getting were very extortionate which she simply could not afford, she researched about solving the issue and came across AlStrays.

AlStrays is a project which aims to rehome and transport animals to help them receive a better home and therefore a better chance of living. They are a non-profit project running purely to help people and animals. They help with the cost of transport by working with registered charities and donations.

This lovely act of kindness performed by Laura has meant the lives of 41 cats are now a lot safer, the way cats are treated in Spain is generally very bad. They are safer and healthier in Edinburgh with Laura, but they really need generous donations and loving homes to go to. Spreading the story will help a great deal. You can contact her on Facebook  where she will regularly post updates and information about the cats.


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