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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cat adopts baby monkey

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A 16-year-old cat called Rosinka has adopted a baby monkey after it was abandoned by its own mother in a Russian zoo.

Cat- Monkey snuggles. Photo credit: APTN

The baby squirrel monkey had a tough start when its mother refused to carry him on her back which is absolutely essential  for it to survive and make it through the first months of its life. This is all down to natural selection and whether the mum believes that looking after its baby will favour herself. Also, some mammals do not develop maternal skills which results in them being disinterested and a little bit confused about the whole situation. There doesn't necessarily have to be anything wrong with their baby for them to be rejected.

For fears of the monkey's life, who is named Fedor, the director of Tyumen Zoo decided to carry out an experiment in a hope that it would save Fedor's life. The director introduced the monkey to a cat called Rosinka who has never had babies herself, Rosinka is 16 years old meaning she is considered mature and not as excitable as younger cats.

To everybody's surprise and relief the cat thankfully adopted the little monkey and the pair have been living together ever since that moment. Fedor is on Rosinka's back all the time except for when he needs to be fed his baby milk. The images and video of the two are just too adorable for words.

Tatyana Antropova, the director of the zoo has stated that Fedor will continue to stay with the cat and now his new mum, for approximately one more month to ensure he is fit and strong and then he will be transferred back to the zoo in the enclosure with all his other relatives, where he will develop the traits and skills of a squirrel monkey.

Fedor and Rosinka will have to part once he is strong enough. Photo credit: APTN

This isn't the first time a cat has opened their heart and adopted another totally different species of animals, there have been stories of cats adopting ducklings, rabbits and squirrels - and not the monkey kind.

People have tried to make educated guesses on why cats and other animals adopt animals who really need help. Some animals by instinct will adopt one of its own species, they do this to help them survive and pass on the family DNA.

Animal behaviourists have also suggested that animals adopt when they will benefit also, and this benefit can come in various different forms such as social companionship without the risk of their being competition or threat and in the wild, this added member can also secure more food and protection.

Mum's are also more likely to adopt because when they give birth their bodies release a high level of oxytocin which is known as a "bonding" hormone, which is why Rosinka, who has never had kittens, adopting the adorable baby monkey was such a surprise.

Either way, this heartfelt story shows the beauty of cats and how the 16-year-old feline had her chance of being a mother and saving a precious life. You can watch the video below if you want to see the two gorgeous animals together.

Photo credit: APTN



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