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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

DIY Cat Toys

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Any cat owner will probably know that cats go through their toys quickly or get bored of them just as quickly. Cutting expenses and making your little kitties their own toys will add a bit of creativity and love to very common cat toys. Here are some ideas for a few DIY cat toys.

  1. Treat Dispenser
    All you'll need is an empty plastic soda bottle, scissors and cat treats.
    Make a small hole in the bottle just big enough for treats to fall out and the watch as your cats pat the bottle around to get the treats. The more the cats pat the bottle around the more likely they are to get a treat. Make sure to size the holes right for your cat treats!

  2. Stuffed Mice
    Put your old socks to use and fill it with some crumpled paper and catnip, you can ever decorate it to look like a mouse if you like. You've easily just made a stuffed mouse which will keep your cat occupied.
    Photo: yoppy on Flikr

  3. Ring Ball
    We all have empty cardboard toilet paper rolls and there are so many toys you can make from this. For this toy, you basically need to cut the tube into even slices to make rings, (so you will have to cut the tubes width ways) and then put each of the rings inside each other. Putting a treat in the middle of the ring will keep your cat occupied.

  4. Mouse toy
    Download this template to make this adorable mouse toy made out of cardboard. Attaching a string to it may make this a feline toy for hours of entertainment and it's pretty much all free.

  5. Ribbon Catt Toy
    This only takes about ten minutes to make but you will need a lot of ribbons, feathers and a staple gun. Basically, just staple or glue gun all the ribbons off a ruler you won't need or a strong piece of wood and cats will instantly be drawn to this.

  6. Feather Wand
    You will need a feather boa, construction line, lighter, bracelet end clasp and jewellery pliers. This project is a little more complicated but is definitely worth it. There are more complex rules and photos here if you are interested in this beautiful cat toy.
    By Sanura Exotics - www.sanuraexotics.com, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7345662

  7. Pretend Prey
    Glue a tennis ball and a golf ball together so that it resembles a bird's body and head, glue some fabric and feathers onto it, add some eyes and then dangle it from a piece of string. Your cats will love this.

  8. Cat Scratcher
    This is definitely for more the more hands-on DIYers. Cat Scratchers are highly sought after cat toys. We found this amazing video on a DIY cat scratcher if you're up for it!

  9. Pom Poms
    Pom poms are so easy to make, and you can create them from any ball of yarn. If you didn't know already to make a pom pom, you need yarn and cardboard, wrap it around the cardboard and then cut the yarn, You'll be left with the perfect pom-pom. To make this a cat toy just tie a bit of string to it.Don't forget when making any of these toys that you are using all non-toxic materials, including the glue and string. Make it all kitty friendly. Enjoy!



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