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Monday, 22 August 2016

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

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Today is national 'Take Your Cat to the Vet Day', and although the world loves cats it has been revealed that three out of five cat owners do not regularly take their cats to the vet. Help your kitty out and take them for a little check-up soon.

We all might think that cats are super independent animals who can look after themselves entirely but that isn't the case. Cats have a remarkable ability to disguise when something is wrong which adds to the importance of regular visits to your vet. Most of us take our cats to the vet when they are injured or unwell but vet checkups run on the basis of 'prevention over cure.'

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Checkups will check that everything is running smoothly with your kitty, a professional eye looking at your beloved pet can detect any changes or if something isn't okay with your cat. Your vet will probably want to see your cat yearly, and maybe more as your furry feline gets older. When you go to the vet your  cat will probably receive some of the following things.


These vaccinations will include preventions against cat flu, the feline leukaemia virus and feline chlamydophila just to name a few. There could also be a rabies vaccination for any cats planning on going on holiday. Vaccinations are important in preventing and ensuring that your cat doesn't get ill, giving you peace of mind, your cat a healthy life and your vet bill low.

Dental Care

When you go for a checkup your vet will check your cat's teeth, cats quite commonly get dental problems but will never tell you when they are in pain, which is why getting your vet to check is so important.

Ticks, Fleas and Worms

Ticks can transmit horrible illnesses and diseases to your cat, and fleas can live for a lot longer than you think in your home and garden, so it is super important to prevent both of these. Worms can be a horrible ordeal for you cat and making sure your cat is safe from that illness can ease the mind. Also, don't hesitate to ask your vet for any advice on how to avoid ticks, fleas and worms, your vet will be more than happy to help you.


If you have noticed any behavioural changes with your pet don't forget to tell you vet as they might be able to figure out the reason behind the changes. If not, they will pass you on to a behaviourist who may be able to see if your cat has any underlying issues which need to be taken  care of.

Prepare yourself for the struggle of getting your cat into their carrier and make an appointment today. It never hurts to just check up on your pet even if everything is running smoothly, after all it is better to be safe than sorry.

To promote this day, Royal Canin has promised to donate a can of food to an animal shelter for everybody who takes a pledge to take their cat to the vet today!

Click here to take the pledge!

and watch their little video:




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