“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” ― Jean Cocteau

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Thor the Bengal Cat

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A house cat with a unique mix of striped and spotted fur called Thor is now an internet sensation. Thor the Bengal cat has videos and images posted on his social media accounts and creates a frenzy.

Thor is from Belgium, and his daily adventures are posted on his Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. His unique fur resembles that of a leopard and a Bengal tiger. His gorgeous green eyes and adorably cheeky behaviour have all played a part in his claim to fame.


Thor was adopted by his owner Rani Cucicov in 2013, they had gone to look at another kitten but the breeder wanted to show them another. She came out with Thor in her hands and they immediately fell in love.

Thor's Facebook page says "My name is Thor. I am a Bengal living in Belgium. This is my facebook page that is runned by my servants. Hope you enjoy my daily adventures! :)", little jokes like this or references have captured the hearts of over 30k followers. Quite impressive for a little kitty.

Some people have tried to claim that Thor's unique fur is photoshopped but Rani Cucicov says there is absolutely no photoshopping on his photos, sometimes there is an added filter or a change in the brightness or shadows if the picture is too bright or dark, but they never ever photoshop him or add tiger stripes.


Thor is a Bengal cat which is a crossbreed of a domesticated or housecat and an Asian leopard cat, they are extremely beautiful cats but can have temperamental personalities which many owners are not prepared for.

A first generation Bengal cat is one which has a parent which is directly an Asian leopard cat and these cats have "wild" behaviours and can be very difficult to raise as pets. However, later generations can even exhibit these wild behaviours and the Wild Cat Sanctuary states they get around 20 calls a month from owners who cannot handle their cat and want to give it up. Some states in the US also  have laws banning Bengal cats because of their wild behaviour.


Luckily enough for Thor, he seems to be very loved and also the videos of him show him to be a very loving and relaxed cat, but maybe a little mischevious. He loves belly rubs, paw massages and craves attention all the time.

His beautiful looks might have made him a little bit of a superstar, with his mysterious and interesting fur but he still has a silly side. Chasing flies, begging for shrimp and getting cobwebs stuck on his head show that he is just like any other house cat, even if he looks like he has just come from the jungle.


Rani Cucicov has said she is thinking of selling posters and calendars because of all the attention Thor has been given. All the proceeds from this would go to charities which help animals.

Although Thor is incredibly beautiful, it would be best to look at him and not be inspired to get a Bengal cat yourself, they can't be left alone for hours, they are extremely active, need high places to hang out and lots of mental stimulation. It is also recommended that if you do really want a Bengal cat that you do not go to a breeder for your dream feline but instead a Bengal rescue centre, giving a cat desperately in need of love all the love you can give.




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