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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Understanding your cats' behaviour

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Being the proud parent of a feline, who doesn't speak one word can sometimes be hard when you're trying to figure out why they are meowing more than usual, or why they are (annoyingly) scratching all your furniture. Often this can be down to their individual personalities but sometimes your cats can actually be trying to tell you something. Understanding your cats' behaviour can be important, so here are a few tips.

I want attention

In fact, cats make a wide range of vocalisations and all mean different things for different occasions. Cats make about 30 different meows and purrs. A lot of the time cats become extremely vocal when they want attention or they are bored. Of course, you never have to give your cat 24/7 attention, a lot of people opt on giving their cat attention when they calm down a little bit.

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I am in pain

Take the time to check when your cat is meowing so you can almost check off any problems which might be causing your cat pain. Looking at the way they groom themselves, use the litter box and their eating habits just to make sure they are okay and obviously,  it never hurts to book a vet appointment if you think something may be wrong.

I am stressed

Cats can be stressed out by various different things. Cats don't like changes in environments, such as moving house or decorating and a new addition to the family -whether that be a child, partner or another pet. Their meows can show their anger or they could simply be telling you that they have noticed the changes. You can tell which one it is by seeing if there are also aggressive traits paired with the meows.

I am angry

A cat being aggravated and lashing out is actually quite common. Cats can yowl and hiss and the best thing to do is give them time to calm down. A cat who has an arched back shows that a cat is in defensive mode.

Photo: Tambako The Jaguar on flikr

I am hungry

If your cat is hungry they will definitely tell you. They will wait around their dish and meow, especially if they have a feeding routine.

I am happy

If a cat's tail is vertically in the air, it usually signals friendly intentions or happy feelings to another animal or human.

Photo: panli54on flikr

I am claiming

Most people think that when a cat is rubbing their head and neck on somebody they are showing affection but it usually means they are claiming ownership - so you are now owned by your cat. Sometimes they can just be trying to get your attention, though.

I'm taking care of myself

As annoying as it is when cats scratch surfaces they're actually doing it to sharpen their clothes and they don't me to actually destroy anything. They may also be doing this to deposit their scent on the surfaces. This is also why cats tend to scratch sides or sofas as their scent will tend to rub off in these areas. Scratching posts are a must if you think scratching is an issue.

Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_t_in_dc/

Cats are extremely interesting creatures, and just like with people they can be difficult to understand , hopefully, this will help in understanding your cats' behaviour a little more.


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