“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” ― Jean Cocteau

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cat duo become Instagram famous

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A pair of rescue cats have now become loved and adored all over Instagram. The cat duo was rescued from the Philadelphia Animal Welfare society by their loving owner Laura Kicey.

Olive and Rye were adopted on the same day, from the same shelter but they had never actually met each other before, Olive was about 2 years old and Rye was around 6 months old, Olive was going through a hard time  - dealing with the trauma of having a stillborn litter and an eye infection while Rye, being the baby of the pair was very loud but also very skinny. When they were first taken to their new home, it seemed unlikely that the two cats would become friends but now they are inseparable which could be behind their 92 thousand Instagram followers.


Olive continued to grieve over her lost litter for several months despite settling into her new house comfortably. She took on the mother role for Rye but they both grew and learned from each other. Olive didn't know how to really be a cat, she didn't jump on to the furniture, never meowed and would even wag her tail when she was excited, she basically acted like a dog. Rye, in turn, taught Olive how to act like a cat making their relationship a beneficial partnership for both. The two cats adorably play fight and chase each other and they will also sleep and snuggle together.

Their friendship and adventures get posted on Instagram which thousands have clearly loved. Their photos have an arty kind of feel about them, which showcases Laura's skills as a professional photographer and designer, there's really no surprise that this amazing combination of cute and creative have made a popular Instagram account.


The gorgeous cats look very different with Olive having bright white fur with orange and brown stripes, whereas Rye has dark fur, when sat together the pair look absolutely striking. The two cats also have very different personalities, Rye is very affectionate and full of energy, she cries if she doesn't get attention and will do everything in her power to get that attention, Olive, on the other hand, is still learning how to do stuff the 'cat way' which can be quite funny, she doesn't know how to behave like a cat due to her upbringing on the streets, she also seems a little bit dopey but loves everything with her whole heart.

Laura also creates art which is a lot of the time inspired by Olive and Rye. She also sells her work on her website oliveandryecats.com, her art was shown in the popular 'Cats of Instagram' book and will also be featured in venues. You can buy bags, mats and general artwork just to name a few of her creations, and they all have the arty feel about them.


Olive and Rye are just proof of what impact adopting a rescue cat can have, despite their difficult pasts they can still be loving and great additions to the family - as well as having the possibility of them becoming Instagram stars.


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