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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Music for Cats

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A major record label is set to release the first every album aimed directly at cats, named Music for Cats. 

Music for Cats is set to be released in October by Universal Music and will be the first ever album to be released which isn't made for or aimed at human ears.

The album contains classical music and various sounds which are supposed to help calm down the most distressed and angry felines. It has been put together by the cello playing scientist David Teie, who has also played the lead cello for Metallica, along with America's National Symphony Orchestra. The album has already sold 10,000 copies after their online campaign which saw over 10,000 backpackers earn more than £181,000 in order to make the album a reality.

Cats can be quite similar to humans in the sense that they have a critical taste meaning not all will respond to or even like the music on the album but cats who have been abused in the past have responded very well to the music and others have even wrapped themselves around the speaker because they have enjoyed it so much.

The science behind the album derives from how cats establish their sense of sound from the noises they hear when they are newborn. They listen to their mother purring and the sound of suckling for milk for example and relate these noises to comfort and safety. For this reason, the sound of suckling milk has been added to the album with the human classical music layered into it, to make it bearable listening for humans too. Hopefully, this way the album will appeal to both cats and humans. The music is also made for cats' hearing range which is a lot higher and more sensitive than that of humans.

This album will be free for shelters because of the way it helps distressed cats feel calm again. The album hopes to encourage formerly abused and neglected cats to interact with humans faster and thus increasing their chances of being adopted. The album is more than a decade's work by Teie who has really enjoyed seeing the science and different tastes behind different cats.

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He hopes that in the future people will recognise that music is not just for humans but for all animals with many studies showing that all types of animals respond to music. This could also be a turning point in the training and rehabilitating of rescue animals.

Universal Music said that they are thrilled to be a part of this one of a kind album which could also pave the way for other albums which are directed at specific species such as album for dogs and horses. They also complimented David Teie on his passion, research and creative ideas which have made the album possible and set to be a great success.

One thing we can be sure about is that the cats' listening to this new music will honestly let everybody know, in one way or another, what they think about it.




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