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Monday, 31 October 2016

Cat Yoga is now a thing

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You might have heard of the cat yoga pose but now, actual yoga with actual cats is a thing and we think it is totally purrfect.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society set up the cat yoga class yesterday and it was a huge success, the class filled up and the website became a little clogged up. Obviously, cats really do make everything so much more appealing.

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It was just like an average start to an average yoga class. People walked in, in the gym gear (many with some kind of cat print on them) and laid out their yoga mats and the instructor lead them through the various flexible, yoga poses. The class was $10 each which isn't too shabby considering the adorable twist to the class.

The yoga playlist included various cat related songs such as "Stray Cats Strut" and "The Pink Panther", the instructor also told everybody to pretend they are a cat at one point - this is a not the usual yoga lesson, in case you haven't already noticed.

There are cats walking around, jumping on the participants and just looking really cute - what they do best really. Although, it has to be said that cats don't really make the best yoga partners, the people that came here were expecting a little more than a heavy eyelid yoga session.

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The class did come with a little bit more of a purpose than just having a cuddle with a kitten on a yoga mat, the adoption fee for the cats was $10 if you went to the lesson, this was in a hope that the lovely cats would find their forever homes. Fundraising and the adoption of cats was the whole purpose of Cat Yoga for the society.

It is an easy, light-hearted exercise that anybody can enjoy, the combination of cats and yoga brings cat lovers and yoga lovers alike to come to the class. Being around cats, watching cats and stroking cats is very relaxing which makes them really perfect for yoga too.

The cats will jump onto the humans half way through a pose, and the unspoken rule basically says 'don't move until the cat decides you can.' When the cat starts to relax it usually causes the person they are around to relax too.

This craze seems to be hitting off in America, Seattle Meowtropolitan also offers cat yoga classes and they go down an absolute treat. The cat cafe is Seattle's First, and it seems they are always looking for innovative ways to incorporate cats into everyday human activities like going for brunch or hitting a yoga class and we love it.

[caption id="attachment_1519" align="alignnone" width="750"]14914602_1511279872223081_1836769632_n photo: denvercatco / Instagram[/caption]

The downward facing dog pose is allowed and new cat-related poses are also introduced  as cats are naturally very flexible and taking a little inspiration from them only makes sense at cat yoga after all.

We hope this new trend sweeps the rest of the world because what could be better than forgetting all your troubles at yoga with cats surrounding you? Let us know if you would go to a cat yoga class.


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