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Monday, 10 October 2016

Could this be the world's oldest cat?

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This beautiful tabby cat celebrated his 31st birthday on Thursday making him (possibly) the world's oldest cat.

Nutmeg is a gorgeous tabby cat, he recently celebrated his 32t birthday in fabulous feline style - but he doesn't look at day over twenty.

Nutmeg strolled into his owner's lives in 1990, turning up in their back garden as a stray. They took him to their local Cats Protection because of an abscess on his neck, it was there that they told them Nutmeg was already at least five years old. Although they don't know when his actual birthday is, they celebrate it on the day he turned up at their house.

The current Guinness World Record holder is 26-year-old, Cordroy, it could be a little difficult for Nutmeg to prove his age because of the fact he was a stray and nobody is really sure. You must be able to verify your cat's age with documents - which they are trying to get from the Cats Protection.


It might be impossible to verify that Nutmeg was five years old when he went to Cats Protection, but he was definitely an adult which requires him to be at least two years old, this would still make him 28 years old and thus still steal the crown off Cordoy.

Nutmeg is absolutely adored by his family, they treat him like their own child and even have people babysit him when they go away. He also defied all odds after suffering from a serious stroke last year, he had life-saving treatment at Westway Veterinary Group in Newcastle and is now healthy and happy again.

Believe it or not, Sunday roasts are seen as responsible for his extra long life. Nutmeg absolutely adores his roast chicken with gravy - perhaps this gives us an all a good excuse to have regular Sunday roasts. Nutmeg adores his food, he'll beg for chicken at the fridge door and wakes his owners up at 5am every single day for his food. At least he's a cute alarm clock.

Considering Nutmeg is equivalent to 217 years old (cat year converted to human years), he's not looking bad at all. He only has three teeth left and his brown coat is starting to turn grey but apart from that he's not doing great.

Nutmeg is proof that with the right love and care every cat can live a rich fulfilled life. He was once a stray cat with an abscess on his neck and, because of people selflessly deciding to help him, now he could possibly be holding the title as world's oldest cat.

[caption id="attachment_1402" align="alignnone" width="1334"]Photo: Westway Veterinary Group / Facebook - The veterinary who saved Nutmeg after his stroke Photo: Westway Veterinary Group / Facebook - The veterinary who saved Nutmeg after his stroke[/caption]

The oldest cat ever was Creme Puff, an American cat who was born on the 3rd August 1967 and lived until the 6th August 2005 making her an incredible 38 years of age. Creme Puff's owner said the key to her long life was her daily diet - she would have her dry cat food and a home cooked breakfast of turkey bacon, broccoli, eggs and even coffee. Every two days she would also get a tiny bit of red wine to circulate her arteries. He also swore that his love and close relationship with his cats made them live long. How cute.


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