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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Photographer takes photos of blind cats

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Photographer Casey Elise took a series of photos featuring blind cats in hope that it will improve their chance of getting adopted.

The Los-Angeles-based photographer uses her amazing talent to take photos of pets or babies, she volunteers to take amazing, professional photos of rescue or shelter cats hoping that the gorgeous photos will help them be adopted. She tries to help the ones that unfairly might have less of a chance of being adopted such as black cats - because of their spooky connotations or cats with disabilities. Her latest project features blind kitties and is called "The Beauty of Blind Cats."

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Her aim is to show that blind cats are just as gorgeous and awesome as all other cats, despite them not being able to see they should not be considered unwanted.

There are many different reasons that cats can lose their sight. Some of those photographed have been involved in tragic accidents, some are born blind and others have lost it due to an illness. Cats with disabilities are often sent to shelters and sadly some even get euthanised, this obviously does not seem fair but it is the sad reality of the situation.

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Casey Elise stated that she became very attached to a cat called Regis who was suffering from glaucoma, a condition which gradually causes a loss of sight. Regis had big cloudy eyes which, luckily for him, were removed with surgery. He still looks handsome as ever and it was his story which inspired Casey Elise to help blind cats. She heard that Milo's Sanctuary had taken in Regis, they are a selfless rescue group who take in cats with special needs - helping them to find their forever homes.

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Whilst there she met very inspiring kitties such as Sir Thomas Trueheart who lost his sight after having half his face burned off but continued to be the sweetest, most positive kitty. She even set up a GoFundMe page to bring attention to his situation and hopefully raise enough money to pay for his expensive (but super important) treatment.

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Blind cats may need a little extra care just to help them through their life, but they are just the same as any other cat. They still love to play and are just as curious. Their differences and strength should be celebrated and honoured.

Casey Elise is a big-hearted, cat lover who has beautifully decided to use her talents and photography gift to raise awareness and help the animals who need it the most, find their new homes. She even gives people a discount if they themselves have adopted the animal she is photographing.

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Milo's Sanctuary is also worth recognising, they are a non-profit organisation, running with the sole purpose to get cats who are considered less adoptable, a forever home. Their dream is to open a sanctuary where all the 'unwanted' cats have a safe, loving home where they can live and enjoy their lives.

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You can find out more about Casey Elise on her website 



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