“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” ― Jean Cocteau

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Could this be the best replacement after a breakup?

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After her breakup with her boyfriend, to fill the gap in her heart, she went online and found a cat who would steal her heart.

Rylee Rae knew that it would be the perfect time for her to adopt a cat, so they could love each other. Delores the cat was who she ended up sharing her new life with, and she could not be happier.

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Rylee Rae is a major cat lover but she always had a soft spot for hairless cats. So, when her boyfriend and herself broke up she went looking for a hairless cat, especially because her ex-boyfriend took their two cats. Her gorgeous green eyes are enough to melt anybody's heart.

She patiently waited for her dream cat and finally Delores appeared on Niagara Fall's adoption page. Delores needed to be taken from the home she was staying in as she was being bullied by the other cats and needed to be in a quiter, safer home with particularly no other pets, meaning she was a perfect fit for Rylee.

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Rylee Rae felt like she needed to get a feline to fill that hole in her heart that she was missing. She felt like getting a cat would make her life feel a little bit more normal, she saw Delores and fell in love instantly, making her feel the world better. The rest is really history with the two.

Delores warmed up to Rylee almost instantly, with lots of cuddles and laughter, the two are completely happy to be in each other's company, showing that when adopting a cat you can need each other just the same amount. Delore's heart is so big and loving that it has completely lifed Rylee's spirits and her mum repays her with lots of love too.

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Rylee has a lot to thank Delores for, she gave her a reason to love and look forward to the day - which she only ever really felt with humans before. Delores doesn't expect anything in return and just continues to love and make everybody around her happy.

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Rylee says that she is grateful for her new found love every single day. There is a strong message about how big cat's hearts are in this story and, despite everything you may be going through even if you feel like you'll never be happy again or love aything again, it will always get better - and if that is in the form of a cat, they so be it.

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You can follow Rylee Rae on Instagram, where she posts the cutest photos of her and Delores and their incredible journey together, where Delore's just fits in perfectly with her beautiful looking theme.


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