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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Moviecats are recreating iconic movie scenes with cats

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The Instagram is recreating the most iconic movie scenes ever and including their cats in them - and it is just great.

For any cat lover, the only thing that could make some of the most amazing, legendary movies of all time that little bit better would be one thing: cats, of course. And so we (and hopefully you) are so happy about the Instagram page, @moviecats, which has themselves to recreating the most memorable, genius movie scenes as a picture with a cat.

[caption id="attachment_1626" align="aligncenter" width="612"]Photo: A recreation from the unforgettable E.T from moviecats / Instagram Photo: A recreation from the unforgettable E.T from moviecats / Instagram[/caption]

Behind the Moviecats, Instagram is Sarah and David. David is a quizmaster and used a picture of a recreation of ET with his cat in the film and TV round of his quiz - where people had to guess which movie the picture was from, and it went down an absolute treat with everybody. They had a lot of fun making the picture and thought, just for fun, that they would share their creations with everybody else on the internet after they had been on the quiz. What a great decision that turned out to be.

Since that fateful picture, Sarah and David along with their two cats Willow and Tara, have remade scenes from American Beauty, The Shining, Ghost and Alien and they all turned out amazing. The cats are of course the muses and stars of the show. The whole Instagram page is very casual and is clearly just for fun, which is a refreshing twist on the app.

[caption id="attachment_1627" align="aligncenter" width="612"]Photo: From the movie 'Ghost', and probably the most iconic scene in the film from moviecats / Instagram Photo: From the movie 'Ghost', and probably the most iconic scene in the film from moviecats / Instagram[/caption]

Despite the fame and business, Willow and Tara have remained humble, continuing to be loyal and loving companions for the couple, they still pester them for attention - looks like the new found fame isn't enough for them just yet. The cats are also big fans of films themselves, although they prefer the animal documentaries.

Willow and Tara are paid in treats for their acting work (this also helps Sarah and David make the scenes perfect) but it doesn't stop the little divas moving sometimes, creating hilarious outtakes.

[caption id="attachment_1628" align="aligncenter" width="612"]Photo: One from a bit of a horror, The Shining, from moviecats / Instagram Photo: One from a bit of a horror, The Shining, from moviecats / Instagram[/caption]

Sarah and David have stated that there will be many more movie recreations to come but unfortunately, they cannot be revealed because the quiz still comes first, so just like with any movie sequel - we will just have to patiently wait to find out whilst we are left on a suspenseful cliffhanger. Either way, we think we could certainly watch a few more movies again and again if they were featured around cats even the horror films.

If you have an Instagram account, we highly recommend that you follow them, it will certainly bring a smile to your face. Follow them here.

Which movies do you want them to recreate?


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