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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Rescue cat and lizard bond over not liking anybody

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A rescue cat and lizard have formed an unlikely friendship. The two did not like anybody else until they met each other and now they are inseparable.

Din Din the cat and Joanna the bearded dragon have never got on with any other living creature, but meeting each other changed their lives.

[caption id="attachment_1566" align="alignnone" width="750"]14677174_367460286933143_4057350944768131072_n photo: twobadgals / Instagram[/caption]

Din Din was adopted about four years ago, unfortunately, she was abused as a kitten which understandably made her quite unfriendly to anybody else, even after she was rescued. She struggled to find a home because of her attitude but Kimi, her now owner, saw something a little special in the adorable cat. This would have probably been the first time Din Din had felt proper love and support her whole life, and over time she accepted her new owner and grew to love Kimi. That cannot be said for anybody else, with whom Din Din was still incredibly hostile to.

Joanna was rescued about eight months ago, she was neglected and, just like with Din Din, the harsh treatment made her rather aggressive to anybody else. Kimi, who has always given animals a chance brought her home, she never expected that the two animals would even remotely like each other. But the impossible happened.

Kimi would often let Joanna out to wander around, and as she did this one day, Din Din gently sniffed her and her whole attitude was very different. Both the animals, who would normally be angry towards others, were just curious which later grew to excitement, they really hit it off.

[caption id="attachment_1565" align="alignnone" width="750"]14561928_978960085548330_1005935706419232768_n photo: twobadgals / Instagram[/caption]

Ever since that day, the two animals have loved each other, they'll even nuzzle each other and sleep next to one another, this is impressive for animals who had hated anything else beforehand. They've completely bonded, perhaps over their hatred for everybody. Din Din will follow Joanna around and they always snuggle up together for naps. For the times when Joanna is in her enclosure, Din Din will stay right outside waiting for her best friend to come out and play with her again.

[caption id="attachment_1567" align="alignnone" width="750"]13116589_1165068260204231_1355326760_n photo: twobadgals / Instagram[/caption]

The most remarkable thing to come from their friendship is that neither of them ever show each other aggression, something which Kimi hasn't seen from Din Din in four years. Since their bond, Joanna has become a lot more relaxed, playful and all around friendlier to other people and show's a lot more affection to Kimi too. Although Din Din is still not really fond of anybody except her mum and Joanna, the bearded dragon is helping her grow and become more compassionate.


The two have benefited each other greatly and continue to show each other that not everybody is as mean as the people were in their past. This unlikely friendship has only been made possible by the kindness of Kimi who, despite the concerns, decided to rescue the two grumpy animals to change their lives. You can see more from Joanna and Din Din on their Instagram.


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