“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” ― Jean Cocteau

Monday, 21 November 2016

The free-range cat sanctuary - Cat House on the Kings

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The Cat House on the Kings is California's biggest, no-kill, no cage, cat sanctuary and adoption centre.

The Cat House on the Kings takes in rescued cats and attempts to make them happy and healthy for the rest of their life, with no stresses.

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The mission? To place cats who have already had a hard time into a loving sanctuary and hopefully find them their forever homes. The facility is a unique no cage one, they stop unwanted overpopulation by spaying and neutering and educate people about pet ownership, with the motto that prevention is key.

Lynea Lattanzio, founded and runs the Cat House on the Kings, this place will completely blow your mind. As you can see from the videos and photos, walking into the rescue shelter is like walking into a little cat city. The cats are happy and free to do whatever they want, which makes a change from the rescue centres that cage their cats and most importantly, Cat House on the Kings, never puts down their cats for being unadoptable.

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Of course, rescue centres, caged or not, are amazing and offer an amazing deal of help to cats, but Lynea Lattanzio has created one of the most genius, happy and healthy sanctuaries you could wish for. The Cat House on the Kings is a nonprofit organisation, it receives no funding from the government or public, this means is relies entirely on donations from people.


It was founded twenty-four years ago and has saved over 24,000 cats and 7,000 dogs since then. The Cat House now homes around 700 cats, a dozen dogs (who all get along with the kitties) and some peacocks too. This is an amazing place, where cats can be free and happy in their own little cat village. They have expanded so much over the years and have no intention of slowing down, every year more and more cats come and Lynea, being as selfless and open-hearted as she is, can never turn any down - she's even given up her bedroom for the cats.

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Amazingly it all started when Lynea was looking for a new home herself, resulting after a divorce. The house she picked was next to a river, over the years it has been filled so well with cats that she's had to move out herself and she calls it all fate. The house now gives every incoming animal a roof over their head, a bed and food so not one of them goes hungry. The cats get spayed and neutered, medical care and the acres of land to roam freely.


The world had begun to notice the work that Lynea does, and this means more help but also more animals, the costs are going up with every single animal that comes in. This is a beautiful place that finds forever homes for animals who need one and also gives cats the dream temporary home whilst they are waiting.

You can follow the Cat House on the Kings on Instagram to keep up to date with the adorable kitties. Visit their website to find out how to help them.


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