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Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas cat tips

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Christmas has to be a happy time for you and your pet, to make that possible it's important to make sure your cat is completely happy and safe.

The food and decorations that come hand in hand with Christmas can actually be quite dangerous for cats. Obviously, this isn't meant to put you off your holidays but these dangers should be made aware of, just so nothing puts a downer on your break.


Christmas food, as good as it might taste for us, can actually cause a problem for your cats. Fatty foods like gravy and grease, can actually cause many problems for cat's stomachs and pancreas, leading to vomiting, pancreatitis and vomiting ad dehydration.

Alcohol can also cause serious problems for cats too. Christmas is a busy season, with lots of parties and celebrations so just make sure you move all your cups and glasses. Cats are attracted to the sweet smell and taste of alcoholic drinks, so just a few simple moves will ensure your cat won't get ill.

Things like chocolate, bones from the turkey and fish and fruits like grapes and raisins which can be found in a lot of Christmas puddings can cause a lot of problems for cats, including kidney damage. It might be hard to not give them some of your food, especially when they are begging, but it is important to be cruel to be kind.

The Gifts that are under the tree

A lot of people get their cats a little gift for Christmas gift, this is such a lovely idea, just make sure that you take off all the ribbons or ties before giving it them so they don't choke on them.

Perfumes that are under the tree can be quite dangerous and also batteries, that are included in a lot of the toys and items around Christmas can be toxic, for both humans and cats, so everybody be careful with those.

Cats are for life, not just for Christmas

Buying a cat for Christmas is not a good idea, if somebody wants a new pet, make sure that they are completely read, perhaps get them how-to books about raising a pet instead, or maybe even a birth certificate.

Christmas probably isn't the best time to welcome a new member to the family - the noise, hazards and lack of routine can be very stressful, a late Christmas present will not disappoint anyway.

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Plants that are poisonous

Festive decorations can often include nice little plants. Unfortunately, many of these festive flowers are actually poisonous to our felines. Plants such as holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and hibiscus can cause a few problems. You can still use these to decorate your house, of course, just make sure that they are out of reach.


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