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Friday, 2 December 2016

Little Cats Helping the Big Cats

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One question triggered an entire product line to be created where any purchases sold to make little cats happy help the big cats too.

The question was asked by a twelve year old, who queried about why his dad was protecting dogs and not "the tigers." It was this that made the Big Cat Rescue open a new product line which helps all cats. The idea was seen as great, but why just stop at tigers? Why not create products for all sizes and types of cat, which help make them all equally happy and safe - and their owners happy too.

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This idea condensed into what is now H3 Essentials' new line of cat treats that are 100% grain free, completely natural and actually helps cat's dental hygiene. They are available in a variety of flavours because we all know that individual cats have very diverse personalities and tastes - so you get to choose your favourite from them.

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You can check out the pet treat line here, what's better is that every single purchase of the treats, helps support the Big Cat Rescue, which is on the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world. Their aim is to provide the best home for the big cats, end the abuse of big cats who are in the wild and captivity and also prevent the extinction of big cats.

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A lot of big cats are kept as pets, which is not a good idea at all and many of which are later given up and end up a sanctuary, some are sadly exploited in zoos and many have been bred at a alarming rate to be sold. Buying treats from the new line will go towards helping stop that and allowing big cats to have a happy life too.


The treats are really great nutrition for your little cats too and so help them be healthy and happy too, you can also show your support by buying a t-shirt, mouse pad, coffee cup and hoodie, the same rule applies for those products too - every purchase goes to help a big cat.

If you have any social media accounts you can use the hashtags "#TreatTheirWildSide" and "#LittleCatsHelpingBigCats" to spread awareness about their organisation.

We hope you consider helping big cats by treating your little cats, just remember that all cats - no matter their size or origin deserves to have a healthy and happy life. You can follow Big Cat Rescue on Twitter too, to keep up to date on their latest projects and new ways to help their big cats. Not to mention they post cute photos too, its a win-win really.


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