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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The fight to save Israel's cats

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Israel is currently in an unfortunate state of cat overpopulation, meaning more cats are being born than there are safe homes for them to live.

Every single day, tens and thousands of cats are born in Israel, because of their lack of homes and care, their lives are cut extremely short because of disease, hunger and abuse, this causes extreme suffering for the cats, which can be avoided.

Surprisingly, most of Israel's public seems to not known about the problem, but it doesn't seem okay for a modern country to have such a low standard of living for cats. Something can be done about the issue.

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The feline overpopulation is actually part of quite a complex environmental and financial challenge. There are budgets allocated towards helping this cause but it just isn't sustainable for a long term solution. To put into context, the budget funds about 100,000 spaying procedures every year, but as mentioned, tens of thousands of cats are born every day. Due to the circumstances in Israel, the feline overpopulation is not considered a high-priority which is exactly why Let the Animals Live have decided to turn to the people who care, like me and you, to make a difference.

Their mission is to give the two million cats who live in the street, for whatever reason, high-quality spaying and a regular healthy supply of food and water, there is no reason why these cats shouldn't be entitled to a happy life.

The cats who were born on the street did not ask to be there and for that reason, Let the Animal's Live feel it is their duty to protect them and give them a quality life, that doesn't include suffering.

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The cats who have been abandoned or lost must also be spayed and they will hopefully find new homes so they can go back to their normal, comfortable lives.

The charity's goal is to set up high-quality but affordable veterinary centres, all at affordable prices so that they can spay and neuter cats, this kind of treatment has been proven highly effective in countries like the United States in reducing the cat population in a humane way.

Cats that are living close to the border of Gaza also suffer a lot more because of the unstable political situation and the lower socio-economic state. For this reason, the first clinic will be built in Ashkelon on January 1st, 2017 - a massive feat. It will be the first of its kind in Israel and will also be the starting point for the others which are hoped to be built around the country.

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Let the Animals Live needs all of us cat lovers and animal lovers to help and become a partner, in order to make Israel a better place for cats. You can donate here, the money will go towards the maintenance of the animals in the shelter and the treatments.


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