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Mango the hitchhiking cat from Bangladesh settles in Basingstoke

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Mango the hitchhiking cat from Bangladesh settles in BasingstokeA stowaway cat who miraculously survived a flight from Bangladesh in a suitcase full of mangoes, pineapples and rice is settling into her forever home.

The cat – named Mango as it’s thought she survived by eating the food in the suitcase – was adopted by Sarah Lacey and Matt Bonner from Cats Protection’s Ferndown Homing Centre, Wimborne.

Sarah, who lives with her partner Matt in the Kings Furlong area of Basingstoke, said: “We were amazed when we learned how Mango came to be in the UK. She must have been so frightened – it’s a miracle she survived.

“We’re so happy to have been able to give Mango a loving home – she’s brought us so much joy.”

Mango came into Cats Protection’s care after she was discovered in the suitcase when the flight arrived at Heathrow and the charity was alerted to her plight.

A fundraising appeal was launched to help pay for Mango’s care during her six months in quarantine. 

She was then transferred to the charity’s Ferndown Homing Centre in Cobham road, Wimborne.

The owner of the suitcase, who travelled to the UK from Bangladesh in May 2018, recognised the kitten as belonging to his maid and said she must have been on two flights – and therefore through several airport luggage systems - before finally arriving in London. 

Once recovered from her ordeal, Mango became a friendly and playful young cat but occasionally nervous, so she’s enjoying lots of gentle interaction and reassurance from her new owners. 

Sarah said: “Mango is settling in brilliantly. She’s gaining confidence, is full of energy and is so much fun. She’s taught us to play fetch with her favourite toy fish and purrs when we stroke her.

“But I think she’s happiest when snuggled under the duvet with us on weekend mornings.” 

Source: https://www.cats.org.uk


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Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

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We’ve all seen the hilarious videos. You know, the ones where a cucumber is placed near a cat, and they totally freak out about it. Yes, it’s so funny, and we can spend hours watching them, but just why are cats so scared of cucumbers?
We decided to search around for the answer and put forward all the theories. So, if you’re anything like us, you might want to stick around and read this.

Theory 1 - It creeps up on them
There’s a common theme within the videos - the cucumber is placed near the cat when they are not expecting it.
Understandably, cats are always aware of the unknown, and they are always on alert. When they see something that they’re not used to, they will quickly escape. It’s quite clever really.
We’re sorry if this ruins the magic of the videos, as in theory, anything could scare a cat if you sneak up on it.

Theory 2 - It looks like a snake
When we first read the first theory, we found one major flaw - cats don’t react that way to other objects. Surely more things have taken a cat by surprise, but they don’t react in the same way.
Many have suggested that they react in that way because they look like snakes.
This is understandable - they’re long and green, and when placed there with no reason, it’s just the first thought that a cat has. We don’t blame them.
Snakes can actually attack and eat cats, hence why they react in such a way.
That being said, all the videos we’ve seen, the cucumber has suspiciously been placed to shock the cat. Who’s to say they wouldn’t react the same to a pineapple?

Is it good for the cats?
Well, as comical as we might find it, turns out we shouldn’t be doing it.
Obviously, it does cause the cat quite a lot of stress, and it isn’t the decent thing to do. We shouldn’t be purposely scaring a creature that is constantly on guard, just for a few laughs. Yes, the videos might be funny, but they will cause your cat to be distressed, it’s just not worth it.
Not only that, in a way to get away from the threat, the cat might break something, or hurt somebody/something, in an act of desperation.

We hope this answered the common question about why cats are scared of cucumbers. By all means, have a giggle at the videos that are already online, but remember, it’s in the best interest of the cat to not try and scare them yourself.

Do you have any crazy theories about the cucumber fear? We’d love to hear them, and we’ll share them around. 

Answering the top most common cat questions

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Being a parent, to any animal, is a stressful job. Sometimes we think there’s something wrong, we’re doing something wrong. It comes with its ups and downs (though, a lot more ups), and this can be made worse, simply by not knowing what the answer to some of the most common questions.

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