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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Mango the hitchhiking cat from Bangladesh settles in Basingstoke

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Mango the hitchhiking cat from Bangladesh settles in BasingstokeA stowaway cat who miraculously survived a flight from Bangladesh in a suitcase full of mangoes, pineapples and rice is settling into her forever home.

The cat – named Mango as it’s thought she survived by eating the food in the suitcase – was adopted by Sarah Lacey and Matt Bonner from Cats Protection’s Ferndown Homing Centre, Wimborne.

Sarah, who lives with her partner Matt in the Kings Furlong area of Basingstoke, said: “We were amazed when we learned how Mango came to be in the UK. She must have been so frightened – it’s a miracle she survived.

“We’re so happy to have been able to give Mango a loving home – she’s brought us so much joy.”

Mango came into Cats Protection’s care after she was discovered in the suitcase when the flight arrived at Heathrow and the charity was alerted to her plight.

A fundraising appeal was launched to help pay for Mango’s care during her six months in quarantine. 

She was then transferred to the charity’s Ferndown Homing Centre in Cobham road, Wimborne.

The owner of the suitcase, who travelled to the UK from Bangladesh in May 2018, recognised the kitten as belonging to his maid and said she must have been on two flights – and therefore through several airport luggage systems - before finally arriving in London. 

Once recovered from her ordeal, Mango became a friendly and playful young cat but occasionally nervous, so she’s enjoying lots of gentle interaction and reassurance from her new owners. 

Sarah said: “Mango is settling in brilliantly. She’s gaining confidence, is full of energy and is so much fun. She’s taught us to play fetch with her favourite toy fish and purrs when we stroke her.

“But I think she’s happiest when snuggled under the duvet with us on weekend mornings.” 

Source: https://www.cats.org.uk



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