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Sunday, 31 March 2019

The bullied cat that desperately needs a home

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We often hear of really heartbreaking stories, especially regarding cats. As much as we love them all, and want every single one of them to have a great life, we know this isn't always possible.
This is exactly why we want to bring attention to the sweetest little cat, who hasn't had such a sweet life. His name is Ian, and he's in need of a great new home.

Oak Tree Animals Charity told the News and Star that Ian had some altercations with cats in his area, leaving him to desperately need a new home, that will love him and care for all his needs.

He is 13 years old, and cannot wander around the area, because of the other cats which bully him in the neighbourhood. It isn't a safe place for him to live peacefully in. For this reason, he is in foster care until he can find a loving family.
Picture: Oak Tree 

There are a few requirements for Ian, these are:
A home with outdoor access (garden or rural). In other words, he is not an indoor cat.
He needs to be the only pet, no brother's and sisters as he loves the attention and tends to be nervous around other cats.
Adults or other children is preferred, as he is quite an excitable sweetheart.

Could you be Ian's new forever home? If you think you can be, make sure to contact Oak Tree Animals by clicking here. You can also contact them by ringing them on 01228 560082.

Oak Tree is an amazing charity, that takes in all types of animals that are in need. On average, they take in about 400 animals into their shelter, every single year.

They try hard to find every animal a home that will care for them, vaccinating, neutering and microchipping them in the process. They also go above and beyond.

One of the best things Oak Tree does, in our opinion, is the behavioural assessment. This gives owners the best idea of just who they will be welcoming into their family. If you're interested in Ian, clicking here will take you directly to his profile. This will give you a little bit of an idea of his needs.

We will always try and bring attention to cats that need a loving home. So, if you have a cat that needs a new home or an organisation that needs a little more publicity, make sure to contact us. We'll happily share their story and any updates that come along with it.

It's our little way of giving back.


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