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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Why do cats like boxes SO much?

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We all know the struggle - we buy our cats some amazing new toys and furniture, and they seem to get more entertainment and comfort from a cardboard box.

Though it isn’t damaging or worrying, it’s not ideal. We can’t exactly keep boxes in our homes forever and ever, can we?
We’ve asked experts and researched ourselves into why cats like boxes so much. Is there a way around it or will we just have to deal with it?

They basically like confined spaces
This would explain why they jump in suitcases, bags and laundry baskets too. It’s just an instinctive act, which allows them to hide from predators and stalk prey. They just like to hide, it gives them safety and security, so, we can’t really argue wit that.

It makes perfect sense -while in a box nothing can sneak up from behind or the sides. Anything that could be a threat has to be directly in front of them, which is very unlikely in the wild world.
If something passes in front of the cat, which looks interesting to them, they can easily dash out and take it by surprise. It’s basically the perfect weapon.

We have to mention, cats aren’t the easiest subjects to work with. While this is a great theory to the mystery, there’s no solid proof that this is why cats love boxes so much. Do you have any theories of your own? We’d love to hear them.

Is there anything we can do to stop it?
Well, first things first, you should let them have their fun. A little while in the box won’t hurt anybody, especially if you have no guest coming round.

A study, performed by Claudia Vinke, at the University of Utrecht, monitored the stress levels in shelter cats. She found that they significantly decreased when the cats had boxes around them. This allowed them to settle into new surroundings much faster and was much more open to interacting with humans.

With that in the light, we would highly recommend that you let your furry friends have their moment of box fun. However, don’t continually allow them to hide, and run away from their problems.
There’s a strong conflict behind just how long you should allow your cat to hide away. If given the opportunity too much, they may show symptoms of a cat that is constantly stressed, and unable to react accordingly in new situations.

Ways around it
For the most part, cats will always find a strange hiding spot, whether it’s a bag, a corner, or a box. The best way to get around this is by being creative.
We recently wrote about an amazing cat furniture store, that may just interest you with an innovative solution. Check that out here.

Other than that we say, keep a close eye on your cat, and make sure they are adjusting well, feeling safe, and having a good time.
Do you have any suggestions? Or do you let your cats have full reign of your boxes? 


  1. I let my cat get pretty much anywhere he wants. He's always been a box cat, from kitten to grown, so I wonder if it's something they learn from birth?

    1. It definitely seems very instinctive to them!


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